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Community Engagement

HEART of Saguache/KV works to achieve community engagement which we believe will make our community even stronger and more vibrant than it already is. As a health equity organization we understand that healthy minds and healthy bodies go together. To achieve this sort of unity we organize and participate in various community events throughout the year, spearhead a community fundraising effort for the annual Saguache Sharing Christmas, and host quality capacity building classes and workshops. HEART engages volunteers from throughout the community to work on and participate in all of these efforts.

The Family Leadership Training Institute

   HEART of Saguache/KV has introduced the well respected Family Leadership Training Institute into the San Luis Valley. This is a free 20 week program that builds strength and leadership. Each graduate completes a community project and leaves with a greater ability to stand up, speak out, and create positive change in their community.


   We recognize that family leadership emerges when family and community leaders gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in leadership roles. We see the Family Leadership Training Institute as a part of pathway to a cohesive and engaged community and improving health inequities in our schools and communities.

   FLTI family leaders are empowered with leadership skills to encourage civic engagement by building confidence, build networks of diverse groups of individuals, work on the collective well-being of the community, and advocate for programs and policies that improve health equity and quality of life.

Community Leaders in Health Equity (CLHE)

The Colorado Trust recognizes the untapped potential in Colorado communities to address difficult health equity issues. With this in mind they fund the Community Leaders in Health Equity (CLHE) program. CLHE is an intensive, 18-month education and leadership training program and curriculum including multi-day convenings, workshops, ongoing project work and more with a goal of training participants to become leaders within their communities.

This upcoming year will be the second of the CLHE program; participants from the first CLHE course can participate in the continuing track taking place in 2021. Click here to go the The Colorado Trust website to learn more about the 2018-19 CLHE program and participants.

The program and curriculum are overseen by Transformative Alliances, a Denver-based anti-oppression consulting firm.

Community Events

   Each year HEART of Saguache/KV hosts, organizes and participates in various events to build engagement, skills and a sense of community. As a health equity organization we understand that mental health and happiness are just as important as physical health. Events that HEART hosts or participates in include; the Cinco de Mayo Festival, Saguache Sharing Christmas, and the Saguache Community Health and Safety Event.

   Our community has always been very giving and willing to help others. Community events create a sense of unity, uplift residents, and celebrate culture and heritage while tapping into our already strong volunteer base to leverage support and increase the cohesiveness of our community. 

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